Sunday, January 18, 2009

Things no one needs to tell you

Still, having the data is helpful, cuz God knows I'm tempted:

A group of Swiss investigators have shown that adding a small amount of alcohol to your sports drink produced a "significant decrease" in performance while forcing a higher "heart rate response and perceived exertion." We recommend the Swiss next try adding chocolate to a sports drink; it seems more their style and more likely to improve performance. On the other hand, a highly regarded British team found that caffeine added to a sports drink improved an endurance time trial performance by 4.6 percent when compared to a carb-only sports drink, and by 9 percent when compared to water. Those are big numbers in sports performance.
Source for Alcohol study: Alcohol Alcohol (we're not making this up).
Source for Caffeine study: Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise.

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