Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gotta Write

Since I last wrote, I've had two great runs: one was a near twenty mile epic adventure in the Santa Cruz mountains. We started at Highways 9 and 35 and looped down into Castle Rock campground before emerging onto a gorgeous overlook of the valley and , off in the distance, the ocean. I ran with the SJ fit crew for the first 12 and Pat and I did an extra 7.5 alone to get in the requisite miles. Really a once in a very long time January run, pics will be posted when I get them developed :)
The weather right now is unseasonably (sp?) gorgeous, with highs approaching the 70s, so it is ideal early morning running weather. That run wore me out for a couple of days, but today was track day and I got in 6 x 1200 at around 5 minutes.

A lot of my life right now is like running. I put out a schedule, I do things without anyone nagging me to get them done, and I check things off as I go. It requires a bit of belief: e.g. if you do you're training and follow the schedule, you'll have a successful marathon; if you meet your milestones, establish your contacts, and re-vamp your resume, you'll find that job. If you sit at the keyboard on days where you have nothing to write about, over time you'll have enough written to call it a respectable blog.

Tomorrow is an unscheduled day: a round of golf with my wife's father and uncle. What's it gonna hurt right? Thursday is 11 with my old work crew, and Saturday I come down to 15 miles. Oh, and Milestones 3, 4 and 5 on my job search project need to be complete by the end of the week.

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