Saturday, January 24, 2009

In other alternative sports news....

+ It's the year of the comeback at the Amgen Tour of California. A long list of accused and or convicted dopers will make their "triumphant" returns to the peloton in the hills of California:

Ivan Basso
Floy Landis
Tyler Hamilton
That guy on Astana who would likely sue me if I wrote his name on my blog.
No comment from the Ulrich camp.

This will be one great race.

+ The Home Depot has discontinued its practice of hiring Olympic hopefuls to work part-time while training. Is 2012 the year that china finally overtakes us in the medal count

+ US Soccer fans enjoyed a 3-2 beatdown of the Swedes tongiht. Get on board now, next game is versus Mexico

+ A very respectable week for me as I round into marathon shape:
- half-marathon pace run (7:30) for 6 miles on Tuesday, not too diffcult
- 1000 and 2000 meter repeats on Thursday at 6:28 and 6:44 pace on Thursday
- 20 miles at 8:25 today
- Plus master's swim class (got to do that more often) and a spinning class

+ Next week is a heavy week, with 11 miles of marathon pace and about 4 miles of track work, then the Kaiser Permanente Half on Sunday. Goal time will be sub 1:40, let's see where we stand...

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