Sunday, April 12, 2009

Residual Speed

My training this week has been half-hearted in volume, but I am experiencing the after-affects of marathon training, tapering and running: residual speed. Monday at the track I was running 400 repeats with my fastest at 1:24 (during training I was running 1:35s). Saturday I did 6 miles with a few of them at 7:15/7:30 and feeling just fine thank you very much. It's a tough after affect of running a marathon: I've lost the running motivation, I've changed my goals, but I'm fit and as fast as I've been in awhile and wondering if I'm just gonna waste it... so the goal will remain: 20 miles of running per week on top of my cycling, with the miles being quality (tempo, track, 10 mile longs...) until late summer when I'll re-dedicate myself to running.

For the time being though, more cycling, more hills, more miles....

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