Friday, April 3, 2009

Fractious Horses

I'm still around, I'm just having training confusion as I try to up the bike miles and move away from running. My rough plan as it's shaping up is to train for the Death Ride in July by upping the cycling and doing some supported and unsupported centuries starting with Primavera in a couple weeks. Should be challenging. After July I'll get back to running more seriously, training for a fast fall marathon. I'm hopeful that I can figure out a way to keep some running fitness, at least two days a week, one fast, while I ramp up the cycling, but I haven't figured that out yet.

I liked this quote from Wilbur Wright, from the book: "To Conquer the Air", a book I'm finding very enjoyable despite taking my sweet time getting through it:

"There are two ways of learning how to ride a fractious horse. One is to get on him and learn by actual practice how each motion and trick may be best met; the other is to sit on a fence and watch the beast a while, and then retire to the house and at leisure figure out the best way of overcoming his jumps and kicks. The latter system is the safest; but the former, on the whole, turns out the larger proportion of good riders. It is very much the same in learning to ride a flying machine; if you are looking for perfect safety, you will do well to sit on a fence and watch the birds; but if you really wish to learn, you must mount a machine and become acquainted with its tricks by actual trial."

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