Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Progress on Montebello

Went up in 43:18 today, 3 minutes quicker than my previous best. Form is better but I also scoped out the route a bit and figured out a better way to ride it. I rode hard the first two, rode quick but recovered the flat part, and rode hard the last part. Nice to arrive ahead of schedule.


  1. That first part is a killer. It's hard to get in a good rhythm going up that bit. I've always went hard until it flattens out a bit at about 2/3rds of the way up when you can recover slightly. The last time I rode it the top surprised me. I was riding hard and just looked up and saw the tree at the end.

  2. My approach is try to get in a quick, but not insane rhythym for the first part (check your time at the school, gives a good check to see where you are), HAMMER the flat, push hard at the hill past the sharp right hand turn, then recover slightly, quick recovery and you ahve a mile to go.

    Knowing intermediate times for the school, the hairpin really helps me know where I am. Once you crest that last hill, you have 2 minutes to the top. go Anaerobic

  3. congrats on the 3 minute PR though. That's awesome