Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day One in the Blogosphere

What if I wrote a blog and nobody read it? Would it make any noise? Have any impact? We'll see.

In any case, it's quiet, it's snowing outside here at grandma's, and it's early enough that there is no line in front of the computer.

Apparently over the past 5 years the family computer has become the water cooler of our home. Somehow I missed the transition, as I've always had my work laptop all to myself. Suddenly though I'm finding that the rest of the family has their own agenda with the PC. The boy and older sister both have pursuits that could easily tie up our lifeline all day: The boy plays Runescape, searches on Runescape cheats, converses about Runescape with his friends, and basically gets into this thing so deeply that I wonder when he'll come out the other side. Older sister has a different passion: This American Life. I think she is catching up on the past ten years of the show.

I can only guess what sites my better half (MBH) visits but I have certaily spied perfume alley on the screen, and I know she has a penchant for posting from my facebook profile.

My daily tour needs some brushing up but it includes a stop at the ESPN soccer message board, followed by a short visit to Velonews to see where Lance has decided to ride today. I'm trying to incorporate more visits to BAJOBS and Monster, I review the banking once a month or so ... and log my friend count on facebook.

Now I'm adding a new stop to my random run, pouring forth here in the blogosphere.

Today's run was an unusual one: 6.3 miles in La Pine, Oregon on a snow covered dirt road, about 25 degrees. took me about 53 minutes though (of course?) it felt faster than that.

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