Monday, May 18, 2009

you know it's hot when...

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...the sweat marks reach the bottom of your shorts.

When your water is so hot it's undrinkable

when you prefer having your helmet on for the shade it provides

When the squirrels keep running out in front of your bike tires trying to commit suicide (yes, that happened three times).

Saturday we started training for the death ride in earnest. 3 tough climbs, 9K feet and 90 miles. And if that weren't enough, Loren and I missed the Zayante Creek Road turn off and did an extra 10 miles from Felton to Scotts Valley and back (Mt. Herman road at noon on a Saturday is nowhere you want to be). But a great ride overall: the descent from 35 down 9 and through Big Basin is really nice, Jamison Creek is as steep as it looked on mapmyride, and we both agreed that Zayante Creek was tougher than we'd expected. Probably due to the heat (approaching 90 at 1PM) and the point we were at in our ride. The route was basically as follows: My home -> 9 to Mt. Eden over Redwood Gulch. then down 9, to 236, through Big Basin, up Jamison Creek, Felton Empire Grade over to Felton. Lunch. Felton to Scotts Valley. Scotts Valley back to Felton (Mapmyride gave us the wrong directions, neglecting to mention that we couldn't hit Zayante from Mt. Hermon). Up Zayante, then over and down Mt. Charleys and Old Santa Cruz, back to my place. I walked in, grabbed a cold glass of water, and laid down on the floor for 5 minutes, wrecked. I have decided that I wasn't dehydrated but I may have been over-heated, because after a cold glass of water I felt just fine. I'm going to invest in some lined water bottles for the Death Ride. Great ride overall.

This was my first trip up Zayante and Jamison Creek. In the past three months I've added the following rated climbs (5/6)to my Resume:

Mt Umunhum
Hicks East
Eureka Canyon
Mt. Charlie
Harwood/Santa Rosa

Along with a bunch of others including Overlook (with the dirt trail by-pass); Calaveras; Palemares;

Not bad. At this time last year I had only done Hicks East. And Pearce/Mt. Eden...

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