Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Post Napa

It's Wednesday and my legs are feeling reasonable. Justine and I (and Pepi) hiked up Sierra Azul and I added a mile very sloooow on the treadmill, and everything feels OK. I'm looking forward to getting back to running and setting a new goal, not sure yet what it will be.

This, by the way, is my official finishing shot. Seriously, did nobody think to move the yellow and orange pylons out of the shot?

Marathons are funny, everyone has a different experience and a different feeling afterwards. I talked to two different people who were on the course for the exact same amount of time, one loved it, one hated it. Justine said and I agree that it's a real shame to train for something so long and then leave it feeling unsatisfied or unhappy - I've been there and it sucks. It's a long day out there and there is always something you know you could have done better, but it's not like a hundred yard dash where you don't decide anything, you just go. With the marathon, for me each step feels like a decision: push now or hold back? run the hill hard? Run the downhill hard? Stop for the restroom? Man, all day it's one thing after another, and if you make the wrong decision at mile 2 you pay for it at mile 22.

As a runner gains experience they learn to concentrate and recognize what to do and when, but when you blow it you have regrets.

Speaking of experience... major shorts dilemna prior to the race. I have been running in the compression shorts throughout training, but if you'll notice I have a custom singlet on. One of the SJFit crew designed the shirts and had them printed, so most of us raced in them. Problem was that between the shirt and shorts there was just an alarming amount of tightness and my stylistas agreed that I looked a little weird.. So I went a little old school and threw on racing shorts over the compression shorts in a minimal gesture of modesty. It was a compromise, functional enough yet discrete enough. For weight savings I ripped out the inner liner in the race shorts, not really needed with the tights and all.

There was a lot of complaining about the weather, which indeed was bad. But to be honest it didn't bother me. Some wore jackets or even trash bags the entire race (one guy I passed was all flushed and over-heated and yet still had his trash bag on). I went with short and tank top. I doubt you can see too well from this shot, but there were points where it was dumping.

Anyway the point is that everyone has a different day, some feel great, some suck wind. I've been on both sides. Feeling great is better.

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